Icea per il turismo sostenibile
ThePrinciples of ECO BIO Tourism
In the last years, tourism has been interested by a growing attention for the environment that, in its various and multiform meaning of natural elements and social and cultural factors, became an intrinsic value for holiday resorts.
As a matter of fact, environmental resources are the raw material of the tourism producing cycle and therefore they must be reproductive and undamaged because they are essential to maintain it.
Starting from these remarks ICEA wrote its standard according to these principles:
Environmental protection
ECO BIO Tourism acknowledges the centrality of environment and applies itself in re-establishing a proper link between the use of environmental resources and the tourism facilities supply.
Valorization of the historical-artistic and cultural heritage
ECO BIO Tourism operates to increase the value of historical-artistic and cultural heritage expressed by the places and to enable the contact with traditions and local communities.
Accomodation facilities with a reduced environmental impact
ECO BIO Tourism promotes environmental quality of accommodation facilities throughout: abatement of energy consumption; rational management of water; reduction and sorted waste collection.
Organic feeding
ECO BIO Tourism proposes an healthy food, because it is based on organic ingredients and cares to local eno-gastronomical traditions.


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